Mixing is the step before Mastering that involves adjusting and combining individual tracks plus adding effects such as reverb, delays, autotune & filtres, to then export it as a stereo audio file. The stereo file is then Mastered, to make it sound good on every platform, which ensures that the various songs are clearly polished and form a cohesive whole on an album. This defines mixing and mastering in their simplest forms.


Record your song in a home or professional music studio with or without an engineer.

Send us your song by exporting your project stems. Sit back and let us do the magic.

The mastering process happens after your song is mixed by us or your own engineer.


Claudio Marques

Claudio Marques is a Portuguese-born Music Producer, Rapper, Studio Engineer & Founder of this website. He is best known for his debut EP 'The 95 Gemini' & his top singles Bentley Music & Da Re Union. These were all released independently through his own music label. Throughout the years Claudio has learnt to record, Mix and Master all of his songs to a professional level. He also completed a 3-year Music Production course at University of West London. After Mixing and Mastering for a number of major artists in the UK, he decided to create this website to help more independent artists get their own music Mixed and Mastered at an affordable price. In return, artists who sign up are also helping Claudio Marques fund his music career. It's the cycle of life, we are all here to help each other!




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